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Asia Maps

Asia is the largest continent in terms of territory, population, and density on Earth. Together with Europe, it forms the continent Eurasia, occupying more than 83% of its total area. The area including islands is about 44.5 million kmĀ². The population of Asia exceeds the total population of all other parts of the world and amounts to 4.7 billion people.

Asia is surrounded by the Arctic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and in the west - by the inland seas of the Atlantic Ocean (Azov Sea, Black Sea, Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea). At the same time, there are large lakes - the Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Lake Balkhash, Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal exceeds all the lakes of the world by the volume of contained fresh water. The Dead Sea is the world's deepest tectonic depression (-405 meters below sea level).

There are currently 54 countries in Asia.